Healthy and Hearty Ramen Since 1963
Yamamoto Hajime, founder of CHANPONTEI, has originated CHANPON,
a healthy and hearty ramen with his belief in having customer’s happiness,
by gentle taste full of thoughtfulness.

CHANPONTEI was born from a small noodle restaurant,
that opened in 1963 on a street near Hikone Castle, Shiga.

Our signature dishes, CHANPON started from a family-secret
golden broth made from a blend of smoked fishes and kombu,
and was topped with plenty of fresh vegetables.

As word spread among locals and their reputation grew,
they soon had long lines of customers every day.

Over the years, our CHANPON has gained recognition
as a ‘local specialty’ of the region, attracting customers young
and old from the entire Shiga area.

Now, as a regionally established dish known as OHMI-CHANPON,
we are proud to be continuing the legacy of Shiga’s Soul Food.


Our Quality Commitment

Our Signature Dishes

Try Vinegar with Your CHANPON



CHANPONTEI now has over 60 locations all over Japan including Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe and so on. Carrying on these traditional values, we are delighted to continue serving the best CHANPON with utmost hospitality. Try a bowl of our CHANPON and experience the taste that has thrived for over 50 years!